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Computerised Records

All treatments your pet receives at our clinic are recorded on our computer system.This information is entirely confidential. Accurate, easy-to-read clinical records help us monitor your pet’s health. A good history is often very important in diagnosing and treating disease. With good clinical records we can easily track what problems your pet has had in the past and which treatments have been effective. We can also keep a record of your pet’s vaccinations and remind you when booster vaccinations are due.

Diagnostic Facilities

Blood Test Analysers

In house haematology and biochemistry blood test analysers allow us to run multiple and extensive blood profiles of our patients with a rapid turnaround of results.


We regularly take skin scrapes, hair plucks, blood smears and urine samples for in-house analysis under the microscope. This helps us to make a definitive diagnosis followed by prompt treatment.


Microbiological tests are utilised to check for Feline Leukaemia Virus and Feline Aids Virus and to diagnose ringworm infections.

Diagnostic Imaging

Xrays and ultrasound can also be helpful to investigate what is wrong with our patients.
We use them to assess limbs aswell as the heart, lungs and abdominal organs.


We have a dedicated room for surgery and anaesthetics. All operations are carried out under sterile conditions with supervised anaesthetics using human grade anaesthetics and heart and breathing monitors.


We have an air-driven dental station for descaling, polishing and extracting teeth. Dental care is a very important part of caring for pets, particularly older patients.


We have stainless steel kennels in our heated pet ward. These are clean, comfortable and secure for our day-patients and overnight visitors.

 Equine Stocks

Our facilities include a stocks and stables to restrain your horse safely during an exam or ultrasound scan.


We provide a wide range of pet foods, accessories, flea and worm treatments, shampoos, ear cleaners, furball treatments, beds, toys and treats. We also sell wormers and other veterinary products for horses and farm animals.

 Free car parking

Our clinic has free car parking available at all times.