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On the Farm

At Deise Vets we deal with all aspects of farm animal work from TB testing to assisting cows calving to herd / flock health issues. Most of our farm patients are cattle and sheep but we also look after pigs, goats and chickens.

We offer our clients a 24 hour emergency service for sick animals. We are increasingly involved in herd / flock health and can provide advice on vaccination protocols, mastitis management and parasite control. We supply all the vaccines and medicines needed for farm animals.

Equine Services

Horses can be seen either on the owner’s premises or at our clinic. Our facilities include stables and a stocks for safe examination of horses. We have a mobile ultrasound scanner for pregnancy diagnosis in mares.

Other equine services offered include:

  • vaccination against equine influenza and tetanus
  • microchipping
  • marking horses
  • sedation of horses for grooming or dental work
  • castration of male horses
  • examination and treatment of sick horses
  • blood testing if required
  • wound treatment, including suturing if necessary
  • medical management of colic cases and referral for surgery if required
  • foaling
  • examination and treatment of lameness
  • worm and other parasite control