Cats make wonderful pets!

There are certain factors to consider before you decide to get a cat. First and foremost, be prepared to spend time with your cat. Although cats are known to be more detached than most other pets, they still require attention and care. Cats have their own distinctive personalities and they have their own unique habits and preferences. It is a good idea to prepare yourself with some basic knowledge about cat behavior before you get a cat.

First of all, cats like to play. As aloof as they may seem, cats are actually playful creatures. Have you seen cats chasing around a fuzz ball? But cats usually don’t play “fetch” like dogs; don’t just throw a ball at your cat and expect it to be entertained. Cats like to be pampered by humans. They like to have “communication” with you. Spend time playing and interacting with your cat.

Cats show their affection to their owners not only through purring, but also by pawing your arm, leg, or elsewhere on your body. If you are new to cats and not aware of this, you may take that as an attempt to scratch you. In actuality, it is just friendly play.

Cats are also avid spectators. They love to see what is going on around them. They do this by jumping to high places like the sofa, cabinet, or table to keep a watchful eye on you and what you’re doing.

Cats love to scratch, so buy a scratching pad or post for your cat. As a matter of fact, this is a primary characteristic of cats, so do not stop them. Instead, keep their claws short and train your cat to use a scratching pad. This will save you money and lots of headaches in the long run.


If you have aquired a new kitten congratulations! After ‘kittenproofing’ the house your little bundle of fluff with bring you much joy. You should bring your kitten to us for a complete health check to snsure their longevity, happiness and quality of life. This will include:

  • A thorough physical examination to ensure your kitten is in good health.
  • A check for external parasites (fleas, ticks, lice, ear mites)
  • A check for internal parasites (tapeworm, roundworm etc)
  • Initial vaccination
  • Discussion about whether your kitten should be neutered and when we will do that
  • Advice regarding socialisation and play

Neutering for cats helps solve the serious problem of a burgeoning stray cat population but it also makes for friendlier, easier to live with pets. Neutered female cats are more relaxed playful and affectionate while neutered males are calmer and less likely to ‘spray’ or urine mark their territory, wander away from their home or fight. Neutering also eliminates or reduces the risk of cancer later in life.

Cats need a good balanced diet as there are certain ingredients they must obtain from their food. We can advise you on the best food to give.

With sensitive handling and play your kitten should soon be very comfortable with you and their new home. Provide them with lots of opportunities for interesting, challenging play that will satisfy their natural instincts. Toys that they can pretend to hunt and capture and special posts that they can scratch will make everything a lot of fun.