Dogs as pets can be a priceless experience. They love unconditionally and give comfort to you when you need it. Dogs are some of the most loyal animals that you can own and those who have them get much more back in return. Having dogs as pets can also teach responsibility to young children and provide you with one of the best friends that you will ever have.


Having dogs as pets does require some responsibility. There is feeding, vet costs, the question of who will care for them should you go on holiday. All of this does need to be considered before you get a dog. You need to work out who will do the feeding, who will take it for walks and who will clean up after it when it makes mistakes. Health costs also have to be considered. However, with help from other family members and some patience, having dogs as pets can bring much more to your life than they take out. Caring for a dog is a great way to teach responsibility and humility.

Having a dog as a pet can provide many health advantages. People with pets, especially dogs, tend to live longer. There is also research that shows that having dogs as pets helps those with serious illnesses, both physical and mental, recover faster and live longer. Having dogs as pets gives many of these people a purpose in life and at very least a life long companion.


If you have aquired a new puppy congratulations! Puppies are great fun and we realise you want the best for your little one. We know you want them to have a great quality of life and protect against disease.

You should bring your new puppy to us as soon as possible for a complete health check. This first visit will probably include:

  • A thorough physical examination to ensure your puppy is in good health.
  • A check for external parasites (fleas, ticks, lice, ear mites)
  • A check for internal parasites (tapeworm, roundworm etc)
  • Initial vaccination
  • Discussion about whether your puppy should be neutered (spayed or castrated) and when we will do that.
  • Advice regarding toilet training and socialisation and any other queries.

Not only does neutering help solve the serious problem of unwanted pet overpopulation but it also carries real health benefits. It helps to minimize the risk for cancers of the mammary glands and reproductive organs in females and reduces the risk of testicualar cancer and prostate problems in the male. It also makes for friendlier, easier to live with pets! We recommend neutering at six months of age.We can discuss any questions you may have at the initial health check.

It is important to feed a good balanced diet and we can advise you on the best diet to feed your new puppy.

Make your puppy feel at home. Show them the special places where he or she can sleep and eat and start toilet training straight away. Puppies find learning easy and fun and with your positive reinforcement they should remember their lessons well. They can be quite overwhelmed in the first few days so give him or her some quiet time to themselves to let them adjust to the unfamiliar sights and sounds of their new home. The very best of luck and remember that we are always on hand to advise you every step of the way!